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Speaking in Tech #218 - Open for Business

This week Sarah and Eddie pound the pod to discuss Pernix Data, Google bets and open source communities. Our special guest this week is Jonas Rosland, Developer Advocate and Community Manager at EMC.

(1:00) Speaking in Duets
(3:24) Double dipping
(4:30) Rumour: Nutanix to swallow Pernix
(9:18) Google’s other bets
(15:50) Bezos does Isadora Duncan
(18:53) Gelsinger goes shopping
(22:32) FLASHBACK: IBM 5100 commercial (1977)
(24:32) Introducing Jonas Rosland
(30:17) Dumping IRC for Slack
(32:54) EMC making bets on open source
(39:10) Persistent storage for containers
(43:37) Driving an open source culture
(48:08) Transformation not tools
(49:05) The “Dellephant” in the room

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Speaking in Tech #217 - Brexit Breath

This week Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis dish on Brexit, Obama and Theranos. Our special guest this week is Mark Thiele from Apcera.

The details...

(1:00) Eddie Spinach returns and Amy bounces back from Dockercon
(4:42) Brexit bananas
(9:33) Lee Caswell leaves NetApp (yawn)
(11:59) Pitching Obama
(16:07) Draper pumps Theranos
(18:13) US Customs: Your Twitter handle please
(21:31) FLASHBACK: 1970’s anti-cable commercial
(22:17) Mark Thiele returns to the podcast
(24:45) Jumping into Apcera and containers in production
(28:11) Nerding out at Dockercon
(34:02) Organizational gaps in IT
(38:38) Bimodal silos
(43:47) Books vs Experience

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Speaking in tech #216 - You don’t want Jack

This week Sarah Vela and Ben Kepes carry the podcast to discuss Dockercon, AWS, Musk and Apple headphones. Our special guest this week is Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of Cirba.

(1:00) Ed in Thailand for 104
(2:37) Dockercon wrap
(6:39) AWS is… dead?
(9:00) Musk wants Solar City, Tesla tanks
(11:05) Rumour: Apple to dump headphone jack
(14:21) Dell dumps some software
(17:57) FLASHBACK: Amazon (2009)
(18:27) Introducing Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of Cirba
(23:31) The role for infrastructure in enterprise IT
(28:55) SaaS: Cloud and the enterprise services model
(32:01) Software-defined everything
(34:47) Cloud governance, risk and compliance
(37:12) IT ecosystem coopition
(41:00) The future of containers and micro services

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Speaking in Tech #215 - Open, Not Easy

Hosted by Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes. This week the dynamic duo discuss MPLS, open software, AWS and Bill Gates. Our special guest this week is Stephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief at Tech Field Day.

The details…

(1:00) HPE’s Vegas Vacation
(3:50) OpenStack Israel
(8:06) Cisco MPLS fallout
(11:19) Open software, commodity hardware and burning platforms
(13:07) AWS outage hits down under and pizza riots
(16:50) Bill Gates and a hundred thousand chickens
(20:53) TBL: Decentralize the internet
(26:22) FLASHBACK: The Clapper, 1984
(26:50) Introducing special guest Stephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief at Tech Field Day
(29:32) Media, analyst, blogger, evangelist, influencer or douchebag?
(31:43) Chuck is not John
(38:45) Apple’s WWDC and innovation
(43:50) People want easy, not open

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Speaking in Tech #214 - Eddie Spinach

Hosted by Sarah Vela, Amy Lewis and Justin Warren. This week the threesome discuss Bitmoji’s, AWS falls down under, MPLS and more.

The details…

(1:00) Weather woes, Eddie Spinach, DockerCon and BrenderCon
(5:35) NetApp and Dell pimpin
(7:35) Judging Bitmoji
(9:10) AWS Sydney jumps into the sea
(12:46) MPLS resign from Cisco
(16:45) Oracle lawsuits flying
(24:43) Zuck gets hacked
(28:39) Beam me up HPE!

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Speaking in Tech #213 - Cloud Foundry

Hosted this week by Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes. The cloud duo discuses Yahoo, Gawker, Oracle and Salesforce. Our special guest this week is Stormy Peters, VP of Developer Relations at Cloud Foundry Foundation

The details…

(1:00) Ed live at the Indianapolis Raceway
(3:27) Yahoo: The Last Supper
(6:00) Thiel vs Gawker
(10:40) Google beats Oracle
(12:50) Salesforce goes multi-cloud
(17:11) FLASHBACK: Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow (1970’s)
(17:41) Introducing Stormy Peters, VP of Developer Relations at Cloud Foundry Foundation
(20:50) Hedging bets with PaaS
(22:35) End of the PaaS wars?
(26:00) Digging into the Cloud Foundry Foundation
(28:50) The complexity of open source projects
(32:03) Managing conflict in the community
(35:18) Process and momentum for open source projects
(39:10) Benevolent dictators in open source

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Speaking in Tech #212 - PaaS the Buck

Hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes. This week the threesome discuss Cloud Foundry, curry rockets, platforms and tricky windows. Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey (aka Storagezilla) of EMC.

(1:00) Ben and Ed from the cult of Cloud Foundry
(5:28) Pivotal misses CF Summit
(6:50) Curry run: India launches mini space shuttle
(11:50) Windows gets tricky
(13:50) Cisco bets big on subscriptions
(17:28) Battle of the bots
(21:00) Google bets on Caesars casino exec as its new president of enterprise sales
(22:09) Flashback: Reach out and touch someone
(22:39) Zilla is back
(25:49) Google Home and the Star Trek future
(32:27) Siri is a bag of bricks
(36:30) Tim Cook, visionary?
(41:50) Disney kills Infinity
(45:13) PaaS, Pivotal and Cloud Foundry hype

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Speaking in Tech #211 - Winter is Coming

Hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis. This week the trio discuss layoffs, buttons and Twitter links. Our special guest this week is Richard Seroter, Sr., Director of Product at Pivotal.

Here are the details…

(1:00) Yoko Lewis hijacks the podcast
(4:55) Ed is packing… and working technical support
(6:50) Tech layoffs jump in the Bay Area
(13:27) Philly police’s fake Google Maps van
(19:05) The wisdom of IoT buttons
(26:00) Gelsinger is sitting Pat
(29:36) Twitter links won’t stink
(32:55) FLASHBACK: I Want a Snuffy for Christmas
(34:26) Introducing Richard Seroter of Pivotal
(38:17) Infecting tech culture
(42:23) Acquisition lessons: Hitching to stakeholders
(44:00) Pivotal transition: Managing change
(51:29) The role of container orchestration
(55:24) Finding the next ‘thing’: Bots are hot

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Speaking in Tech #210 - Science Projects

Hosted by Sarah Vela and Ed Saipetch. This week the dynamic duo discuss Uber, Ford, Twitter, Cisco and more. Our special guest this week is Ben Kepes, technology evangelist, investor, commentator and business adviser.

Here are the details:

(1:00) Uber drama in Austin
(8:13) Ford throws cash at Pivotal
(13:25) Twitter cuts off the snoops
(19:15) Sources: Cisco in talks with Nutanix
(23:05) Will the real inventor of BitCoin please stand up?
(25:35) Flashback: The Singer Sewing Machine with Debbie Reynolds
(26:05) Introducing special guest Ben Kepes
(27:35) OpenStack and Gartner redux
(30:55) Simon Anderson lands at Aptira
(31:50) Product vs Managed Services
(34:07) The future of PaaS and Pivotal
(40:45) Containers as a science project
(44:03) Humanity of tech

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Speaking in Tech #209 - Avere

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, the whole gang is together to talk about Gartner, Greg’s hiatus, Tucci on a hoverboard and vCloud Air. Our special guest this week is Ron Bianchini, President and CEO of Avere Systems.

Here are the details:

(1:00) Gartner kerfuffle: Mopping up after OpenStack Summit
(5:50) Greg’s 4.0 Upgrade: going on hiatus
(9:21) News from EMC World, Dell’s new name
(12:07) Tucci on a hoverboard
(14:02) Joe gives Michael the keys to the car
(17:10) EMC announcement recap
(26:05) Big exit from vCloud Air
(29:28) FLASHBACK: Hoover Constellation Vacuum Cleaner, 1950’s
(29:55) Introducing special guest, Ron Bianchini, President and CEO of Avere Systems
(34:49) Digging into Avere, flash, video and cloud
(45:55) NetApp, Spinnaker Networks and the Innovators Dilemma
(52:27) The state of the storage market

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