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Speaking in Tech #161 - Brillo

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Ed, Greg and Sarah get together to digest Google's IoT operating system, creepy teddy bears and security extortion. 

Here are the details:

(1:15) Ed rants on Kansas City, cloud and the Internet of Things

(4:45) OpenStack Summit reflections

(11:50) Google's new Brillo OS for the Internet of Things

(14:00) Brillo should be open sourced for success

(18:18) Google patents creepy teddy bear

(21:55) Security extortion 

(25:55) Managing and communicating security risks

(30:00) Hitting the road

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Speaking in Tech #160 - OpenStacked


Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Ed and Greg are in Vancouver, BC for the OpenStack Summit with Amy Lewis filling in for Sarah. This week we talk about the Apple TV, hacked planes, barista DJ's, OpenStack and containers. Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey, better know as "Storagezilla".

This week we discuss...


(1:14) Yoko returns

(2:02) OpenStack social update from Eddie

(4:00) SolidFire rockets

(8:12) Flipping the OpenStack demo

(10:50) Apple dumped Apple TV

(14:23) FBI says hacker controlled plane

(17:58) Baristas become DJ's

(22:20) Special guest Mark Twomey (AKA Storagezilla)

(25:10) Open Stack and the Private Cloud

(28:15) "Control of Data" drives private cloud adoption

(32:25) The Year of Containers 

(37:25) Amy's "Pop Up Tech Talks"

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Speaking in Tech #159 - Solid State

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we talk Cloud Foundry, the problems with Solid State storage, Microsoft investing in undersea cable. Our special guest this week is Val Bercovici, Cloud Czar at NetApp.


(1:15) Ed checks in from Cloud Foundry Summit

(6:00) Head butting a cloud guru

(9:06) Flight attendants hate your gadgets

(12:40) Don't forget to reboot your 787

(13:45) SSD's can lose data without power

(15:17) Microsoft plants underwater cables, outspending AWS

(20:29) Flashback: Vintage Timex Watch commercial

(23:00) Introducing Val Bercovici, NetApp Cloud Czar

(23:50) SSD power issues and data corruption problems

(28:00) Solid state isn't solid

(33:36) The post-SSD world

(37:24) "The state of NAND flash is not healthy"

(38:41) Catching up with NetApp

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Speaking in Tech #158 - Tribes

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we tackle the challenge of group think and tribes as well as Periscope winning the fight, Chambers stepping down as CEO and the potential for an EMC - HP mega merger. 

This week we discuss...


(1:30) Back from Vegas

(3:30) Dell plus 4

(4:00) Big losses in tech this week: Jeff Omstead and David Goldberg

(9:00) 5 brainwashing tips… and the danger of tribes

(18:00) Twitter steals the big Mayweather fight

(22:30) Doubts about Twitter persist

(26:40) Chambers steps down as Cisco CEO

(29:00) HP and EMC mega-merger inevitable

(32:49) Carly running for President on tech cred

(34:55) What tech leader would make a good President?


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Speaking in Tech #156 - More Clouds of Caroline 

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Greg has escaped to another tech conference while Sarah and Ed are left to defend themselves to talk about AWS and Microsoft earnings, Comcast dumps big merger and ServiceMesh gets in hot water.

This week we discuss...

(1:10) Vegas Selfies and morehome automation

(3:15) AWS and Microsoft nail earnings

(8:50) Comcast bails on the merger with TWC

(14:07) Service-mooshed

(19:36) Flashback: 1980s Sears electronics ad

(20:06) Introducing Caroline McCrory of Cloudsoft

(21:10) The inside scoop of GigaOm's demise

(29:40) Jumping into Cloudsoft

(33:05) The challenge for application-centric clouds 

(36:35) AWS vs Microsoft

(44:10) AMPing up applicationing management platforms


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Speaking in Tech #156 - Hyperconverged

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we consider a world where Google owns Tesla, hackers on a plane, GE's new tech and innovation television show and finally we tussle on hyperconvergence with special guest, Chuck Hollis, Chief Strategist for VMware Storage.

This week we discuss...

(1:15) Eddie's Wink home automation hub bricks

(7:05) Report: Tesla almost sold to Google to avoid bankruptcy in 2013

(13:00) Hacker gets knocked off a plane for teasing tweets 

(18:30) GE planning tech TV show with Ron Howard

(22:24) Flashback: Leonard Nimoy pimps pagers

(22:55) Introducing Chuck Hollis - Chief Strategist, VMware Storage

(25:14) Hyperconverged head banging: VMware vs Nutanix

(33:00) Hyperconverged market dynamic today

(36:40) EMC World and VMworld teasers

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Speaking in Tech #155 - Greg's Review

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we review the Apple Watch, Amazon's machine learning and Nutanix tries to tckle VMware. Our special guest this week is Mary Ann Gallo from Hitachi Data Systems.


This week we discuss...

(1:10) Ed delivers a mic and picks up a Drobo

(4:15) Daredevil Netflix binge 

(5:25) Apple watch lands and the reviews are mixed

(13:20) Android watches may be coming to iPhones

(14;20) Google Now could be an Apple killer 

(16:25) Amazon launches Machine Learning As A Service

(18:10) Foo fighting: VMware vs Nutanix 

(23:10) Flashback: 1983 Seiko Sport Tech Watch Commercial

(24:15) Special guest, Mary Ann Gallo, HDS VP of Global Communications

(25:25) What the hell does Greg do?

(27:50) Greg's performance review

(34:15) HDS Connect 2015

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Speaking in Tech #154 - vStewed

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we jump into Pay Pal and OpenStack, Nebula, Jay-Z's Tidal and Pure IPO speculation. Our special guest this week is Vaughn Stewart from Pure Storage.

This week we discuss...

  • (1:10) New celebrity intro plug and Ed gets punked on April Fools Day 
  • (5:30) Amazon "Home Services" and Dash NOT an April Fools Joke
  • (12:45) Pay Pal goes OpenStack 
  • (17:17) Nebula closes it's doors 
  • (22:20) Jay-Z's Tidal wave 
  • (30:38) Adam Carolla settles the "Lean Back" debate 
  • (33:30) Special guest Vaughn Stewart from Pure Storage
  • (35:00) Pure IPO speculation 
  • (39:00) Employee poaching
  • (46:00) "Beaver Fever"
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Speaking in Tech #153 - Blue Box Jesse

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we scratch the surface of the Ellen Pao lawsuit, the tech world reaction to Indiana's new law, Amazon's unlimited storage and Pay Pal jumping on OpenStack. This week's guest is Blue Box Founder and CTO, Jesse Proudman.

This week we discuss...

(0:45) Bouncing back from vacation (0:45)

(1:50) Any lessons learned from Pao loses lawsuit?

(4:12) Tech backlash against Indiana grows

(9:00) AWS launches unlimited storage for sync-n-share

(15:05) Flashback: Money 98 Commercial

(15:55) Special guest Jesse Proudman, CTO and Founder of Blue Box

(17:50) Booming Blue Box 

(19:10) Private cloud haters

(23:23) Cloud infinity 

(24:45) OpenStack's dirty little secret?

(27:15) Docker love

(30:00) Implication for PayPal's reported switch to OpenStack

(33:55) Context for cloud spending

(35:40) Jesse's take on Top Gear


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Speaking in Tech #152 - 3 Year Anniversary Show

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary with some of our favorite guests including Mark Twomey (aka "Storagezilla") from EMC, Amy Lewis from SolidFire and Geek Whisperers and Marc Farley from Quaddra Software.

This week we discuss...

(0:45) Diving into the 3rd year of the podcast

(3:30) Yoko Lewis brake cutting

(4:30) Recapping the worst moments of the podcast

(13:40) Ray Lane and the Kleiner Perkins lawsuit

(16:50) VC money boom

(25:05) Enterprise storage eats itself

(27:03) NetApp's Mr. FlashRay goes to Pure

(34:20) The Ginger Mafia

(38:00) Tense politics

(42:00) Team Cloud Bunny

(47:00) Podcast praise

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