Speaking in Tech

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, our guests this week are Ken Rumer and Rich Haase, Sr. Infrastructure Engineers at Level3 as well as Ed Saipetch of Joyent.

In this week’s episode we discuss…

  • How Ed spent his summer
  • Back to the Future
  • Background of Level3's home baked cloud
  • Level3's IaaS
  • Orchestration is the secret sauce
  • cloud stacks: Build vs buy?
  • "Open" in the cloud doesn't always mean "open"
  • Early adopters of virtualization
  • "Lock in" avoidance is a priority
  • Build vs buy extends to PaaS decisions
  • Defining "Big Data"
  • Practicial "Big Data" applications
  • Hadoop utilization
  • Can private cloud development be commercialized?
  • The slow path to cloud adoption

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