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Speaking in Tech #113 - LIVE from Cloud Foundry Summit

This week Greg and Sarah are off in parts unknown while Eddie hosts the podcast this week. Our special guests this week are Jesse Proudman, CTO and Founder of Bluebox, Caroline McCrory, Sr. Director at GigaOM and Dave McCrory, CTO at Basho.

This week we discuss...

  • Nutanix bro culture (1:10)
  • Update from Cloud Foundry Summit (8:00)
  • Bluebox: private cloud as a service (9:45)
  • CF vs Openstack (11:00)
  • Dave Mcrory's Data Gravity (12:30)
  • PaaS and IaaS adoption and governance (17:50)
  • The hidden cost of public cloud governance (23:15)
  • Cloud ecosystem and partnerships matter (30:10)
  • Cloud Foundry beyond service providers (34:30)
  • Cloud porn (40:00)
  • Dave McCrory's mission at Basho (42:00)


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