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Speaking in Tech #114 - Tech Trends Asia

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Eddie and Sarah take the week off while Greg is in Singapore with special guests Adrian De Luca, Asia Pacific Chief Technology Officer for HDS and Michael "Heff" Heffernan Infrastructure Specialist for Emerging Technologies at HDS.

This week we discuss…

  • Enterprise tech trends in Asia (2:20)
  • Open Source and real costs (4:50)
  • Cloud Operating Systems (8:00)
  • In Asia, mobile driving app development (11:50)
  • The road to hybrid cloud (14:55)
  • "Burst in" clouds (17:00)
  • Public cloud governance and cost management (19:50)
  • Cloud data, e-Discovery and privacy laws (24:00)
  • Diverse mobile data access (28:00)
  • Bringing solutions to market (29:45)
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