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Speaking in Tech #124 - LIVE from VMworld! 

This week's episode is live from VMworld with guest co-host Vaughn Stewart, Chief Technology Evangelist of Pure Storage with guests David Siles, VP of Channels and Alliances with Data Gravity and Chad Sakac, Sr. Vice President of Global Systems Engineering at EMC.

NOTE: Due to audio problems from a source who will be called out, dragged and beaten on next week's episode, Chad and David's audio levels are low. Our sincere apologies.

This week we discuss…

  • Introductions (1:00)
  • VMworld keynote discussion (3:55)
  • EVO:Rail gets armed and loaded (6:40)
  • Hyper-convergence, explained (10:00)
  • VMware's OpenStack distribution (19:00)
  • vCheese gets dumped for "vCloud Air" (20:10)
  • DataGravity launches "data-aware storage" (23:10)
  • VMworld takeaways (29:10)
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