Speaking in Tech

Speaking in Tech #128 - LIVE from SpiceWorld

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela… except his week, the show gets hijacked by The Geek Whisperers crew, John Troyer, Amy Lewis and Matt Brender at SpiceWorld in Austin, Texas. No, it's not a Spice Girls reunion. 

This week we discuss…

  • Mutiny on the podcast (1:00)
  • Stump-casting (3:10)
  • EMC doesn't get acquired by HP (4:00)
  • The best kept secret at EMC (10:00)
  • Alibaba's big bang (14:10)
  • Eddie bakes his iPhone 6 in a microwave (18:45)
  • SpiceWorld (27:20)
  • DIY credit repair (28:12)
  • Hey now! (32:40)
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