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Speaking in Tech #134 - LIVE from the OpenStack Summit: OpenStack as a Service or as a Distribution

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Greg hosts an all-star panel at the OpenStack Summit in Paris to debate the pros and cons of deploying OpenStack as a Service or as a Distribution. The panel includes: Jan Mark Holzer - CTO Office, Red Hat, Kenneth Hui - Business Development Manager, EMC, Caroline McCrory - Sr. Director, Research, Gigaom, Jesse Proudman - CTO and Founder, Blue Box, Manju Ramanathpura, CTO - Intelligent Platforms, HDS and Boris Renski, Co-founder and CMO at Mirantis.

During this panel discussion, we discuss...

  • Panel introductions (0:45)
  • The case for OpenStack as a Service (2:05)
  • The case for OpenStack as a Distribution (4:35)
  • Defining services and distributions… and delivery (6:52)
  • Services at scale and different market segments for OpenStack (10:48)
  • OpenStack: "Still a box of razor blades" (15:17)
  • OpenStack use case focus and goals (18:45)
  • Control of data with service providers (20:17)
  • Work loads in the right place (27:13)
  • Maintaining distros: keeping up with OpenStack (28:05)
  • Avoiding "The Enron Effect" with Platform as a Service (33:30)
  • Adhering to API consistency (36:10)
  • The "unfair advantage" of services (39:55)


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