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Speaking in Tech #153 - Blue Box Jesse

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week we scratch the surface of the Ellen Pao lawsuit, the tech world reaction to Indiana's new law, Amazon's unlimited storage and Pay Pal jumping on OpenStack. This week's guest is Blue Box Founder and CTO, Jesse Proudman.

This week we discuss...

(0:45) Bouncing back from vacation (0:45)

(1:50) Any lessons learned from Pao loses lawsuit?

(4:12) Tech backlash against Indiana grows

(9:00) AWS launches unlimited storage for sync-n-share

(15:05) Flashback: Money 98 Commercial

(15:55) Special guest Jesse Proudman, CTO and Founder of Blue Box

(17:50) Booming Blue Box 

(19:10) Private cloud haters

(23:23) Cloud infinity 

(24:45) OpenStack's dirty little secret?

(27:15) Docker love

(30:00) Implication for PayPal's reported switch to OpenStack

(33:55) Context for cloud spending

(35:40) Jesse's take on Top Gear


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