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Speaking in Tech #172 - Big Exit

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week it's Ed and Greg talking about big moves for Google, EMC and VMware and a bad move for Nutanix. Our special guest this week is Brad O'Neill, co-founder of TechValidate fresh from being acquired by Survey Monkey just last week to talk about his plans and lessons learned.


(2:02) Google's alphabet soup

(3:45) Shuffling the EMC and VMware deck chairs

(8:49) Nutanix tanks performance tests

(15:00) FLASHBACK: RCA personal TV from 1956

(16:00) Special guest Brad O'Neill of TechValidate and now part of Survey Monkey

(18:37) The acquisition prediction that wasn't

(20:45) How the TechValidate acquisition came together

(22:45) Survey Monkey in the enterprise

(25:00) The challenges of boot strapping a tech startup

(29:00) The reality of the valley VC bubble

(32:30) What's next 

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