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Speaking in Tech #177 - Kaia 

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Sarah is out while Ed and Greg cover Cisco's plans for cloud taxes, Oracle taxes and HP axes. Our special guests this week are Garrett Rysko and Luke Pendergrass to talk about their Kickstarter campaign, Kaia (http://kaia.life).

Here are the details…

(1:00) Keeping up with Eddie

(1:44) Screwing with airline reservations

(6:00) Vanity email addresses

(6:57) Chicago gets sued over cloud tax

(8:57) Oracle squeezes for the cloud

(14:23) HP cutting thousands of positions

(16:30) More crazy rumours

(17:58) FLASHBACK: Digital Equipment Corp., 1984

(19:28) Kickstarting with Kaia

(23:12) Air quality… as a Service

(26:40) Delivering on Kickstarter

(27:54) Air quality API’s

(33:27) The world of anti-counterfeiting 

(38:30) The Kaia Kickstarter party

(40:40) Lessons learned

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