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Speaking in Tech #18 - VMware is building the Death Star

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Our special guest this week is Dave Graham of Juniper Networks.

The "Stack Wars" are on and VMware is getting close to finishing the Death Star:

VMware doesn't clarify CloudFoundry spinoff rumors

  • Potential spinoff could come with risks

EMC and VMware in big executive shuffle

  • Gelsinger to VMware and the cross polination of VMware and EMC
  • Are incremental enhancements in vSphere going to be enough?

VMware buys Nicira

  • Cisco can't be happy
  • Does Cisco make it's own acquisitions now?
  • Open standards based vs proprietary standards
  • Software defined networking (SDN) will come to the enterprise
  • Cisco and HP could be making moves, Dell is leapfrogging through acquisitions quickly
  • VMware's pricing strategy might undermine their vision

Quick review of the Nexus 7

  • Google Now is absolutely awesome
  • Nexus 7 is not behaving well right now
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