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Speaking in Tech #189 - Spike

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Brian Gracely steps in to join Sarah and Greg to talk Pure Storage, hacking ISIS, hair dryers and even more Dell EMC. Our special guest this week is Chad Sakac, President for Global Systems Engineering for EMC with support from Fred “Spike” Nix.

The details...

(1:00) Brian Gracely does his best Ed
(2:49) Pure bounces back
(5:57) Hillary wants Silicon Valley to disrupt ISIS
(11:16) VMware may need to buy back stock
(13:53) IBM hacks a hairdryer
(21:10) FLASHBACK: HP laser jet printers (1995)
(21:40) El Presidente, Chad Sakac
(26:05) First reactions to Dell EMC
(33:03) Managing uncertainty
(40:17) Private vs Public tech companies
(42:30) The push to Open Source
(46:55) Photon OS, cloud native applications and CoprHD
(55:39) Building cloud native stacks
(56:50) Chad’s mid-life crisis

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