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Speaking in Tech #190 - Switch

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed, Sarah and Greg are all together to discuss SolidFire, Virtustream, VMware and “Personal conduct matters”. Special guest this week is Mark Thiele, Executive Vice President, Switch.

The details...

(1:30) Worthless predictions coming soon
(4:05) Rumors: NetApp to snag up SolidFire
(8:25) Legacy vendor acquisitions
(12:27) Virtustream jumping out of VMware
(17:38) Rumor 2: Dell putting Perot Systems on the market
(20:30) LinkedIN skills: “Personal conduct matters”
(23:48) FLASHBACK: Sony Betamax (1979)
(24:14) Introducing Mark Thiele, Executive Vice President, Switch
(27:35) Colocation with Switch and the technology ecosystem
(31:34) The big pyramid data center… in Grand Rapids
(36:00) The über evangelist
(37:40) Data center management
(49:12) Shameless M&A speculation

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