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Speaking in Tech #196 - TECHunplugged

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Ed and Sarah are in Austin for TECHunplugged to discuss Apple data centers, Yahoo layoff and Software Defined Storage. Our special guests this week are Stephen Foskett of Tech Field Day, Chris Evans from Architecting.IT and Ray Lucchesi of Silverton Consulting.

The details:

(1:00) Live from TECHunplugged in Austin, Texas
(2:20) Apple going big on data centers
(5:25) Alphabet now bigger than Apple
(6:00) Comcast customer Uses a Raspberry Pi to monitor internet speeds
(10:28) Yahoo stumbles on layoffs
(13:35) Bill Gates’ favorite songs… just because
(16:23) What is Software Defined Storage?
(22:28) Storage futures
(33:15) OpenStack
(37:29) in self-driving cars
(37:29) Tech Field Days

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