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Speaking in Tech #199 - Simon Anderson

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Sarah is missing so Amy Lewis jumps in to take her seat while we talk about private clouds, Ravello and the tech IPO freeze. Our special guest is serial entrepreneur Simon Anderson, Co-Founder & Chairman at Akanda.

The details...

(1:00) NetApp adjusts to Amy
(3:37) True Blue in Vegas for IBM Interconnect
(6:16) vCloudAir and IBM confusion
(10:00) Haters gonna hate Private Cloud
(21:17) Cloud domains unleashed
(22:44) Oracle nabs Ravello
(25:05) Tech IPO freeze
(31:10) Bad time to be looking for a tech job
(32:00) Yapping at Yelp
(38:24) Flashback: Scotch VCR tape head cleaner
(38:44) Special guest Simon Anderson, Co-Founder & Chairman at Akanda
(40:30) The story behind Ceph
(45:16) Sharing the wealth with Inktank sale
(46:50) Swimming the Seine
(49:08) Open Source culture
(51:55) Akanda: open source network orchestration software
(58:26) Getting on the board of the Museum of Science Fiction

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