Speaking in Tech

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This is part two with our special guest Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President, Global SE at EMC.

  • VMworld 2012 Preview
  • Chad is going to be a little busy, again, for VMworld
    • Ask-the-expert vBlogger session
    • vOdgeball to benefit Wounded Warrior Project
    • VMunderground
    • Paul Maritz keynote
    • Vaughn & Chad Storage Best Practices
    • Geekfest - who do Ed and I have to bribe to get in?
    • Gelsinger Keynote 
    • Chad’s “IT Transformation” session
  • One thing I noticed, we are going to hear more about XtremeIO
    • Chad - Give us a cliff notes version of what we might see
  • Hands on Labs
    • We will we see, what can we crash?


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