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Speaking in Tech #207 - Apples and Blackberry 

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Greg is out while Ed and Sarah talk about Theranos, Blackberry, phone hacking and hand dryers. Our special guest this week is Irfan Ahmad, CTO and co-founder of CloudPhysics.

The details:

(1:00) Sarah takes the lead
(2:12) No head on a stick
(8:07) OpenStack around the corner
(9:35) Theranos Investigation
(13:14) Apples & Blackberry
(16:33) Congressional phone hacking
(22:30) Germy hand dryers
(25:42) FLASHBACK: Sharp’s First Handheld Calculator (1971)
(26:42) Solving for X
(27:39) Introducing Irfan Ahmad, CTO and co-founder of CloudPhysics
(28:00) Looking back at Transmeta and VMware
(34:42) Pace of open source innovation
(38:20) Digging into Cloud Physics - IT Operations and Analytics
(42:35) Could Physic’s managing cloud costs

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