Speaking in Tech

Speaking in Tech #210 - Science Projects

Hosted by Sarah Vela and Ed Saipetch. This week the dynamic duo discuss Uber, Ford, Twitter, Cisco and more. Our special guest this week is Ben Kepes, technology evangelist, investor, commentator and business adviser.

Here are the details:

(1:00) Uber drama in Austin
(8:13) Ford throws cash at Pivotal
(13:25) Twitter cuts off the snoops
(19:15) Sources: Cisco in talks with Nutanix
(23:05) Will the real inventor of BitCoin please stand up?
(25:35) Flashback: The Singer Sewing Machine with Debbie Reynolds
(26:05) Introducing special guest Ben Kepes
(27:35) OpenStack and Gartner redux
(30:55) Simon Anderson lands at Aptira
(31:50) Product vs Managed Services
(34:07) The future of PaaS and Pivotal
(40:45) Containers as a science project
(44:03) Humanity of tech

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