Speaking in Tech

Speaking in Tech #211 - Winter is Coming

Hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis. This week the trio discuss layoffs, buttons and Twitter links. Our special guest this week is Richard Seroter, Sr., Director of Product at Pivotal.

Here are the details…

(1:00) Yoko Lewis hijacks the podcast
(4:55) Ed is packing… and working technical support
(6:50) Tech layoffs jump in the Bay Area
(13:27) Philly police’s fake Google Maps van
(19:05) The wisdom of IoT buttons
(26:00) Gelsinger is sitting Pat
(29:36) Twitter links won’t stink
(32:55) FLASHBACK: I Want a Snuffy for Christmas
(34:26) Introducing Richard Seroter of Pivotal
(38:17) Infecting tech culture
(42:23) Acquisition lessons: Hitching to stakeholders
(44:00) Pivotal transition: Managing change
(51:29) The role of container orchestration
(55:24) Finding the next ‘thing’: Bots are hot

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