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Speaking in Tech #212 - PaaS the Buck

Hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes. This week the threesome discuss Cloud Foundry, curry rockets, platforms and tricky windows. Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey (aka Storagezilla) of EMC.

(1:00) Ben and Ed from the cult of Cloud Foundry
(5:28) Pivotal misses CF Summit
(6:50) Curry run: India launches mini space shuttle
(11:50) Windows gets tricky
(13:50) Cisco bets big on subscriptions
(17:28) Battle of the bots
(21:00) Google bets on Caesars casino exec as its new president of enterprise sales
(22:09) Flashback: Reach out and touch someone
(22:39) Zilla is back
(25:49) Google Home and the Star Trek future
(32:27) Siri is a bag of bricks
(36:30) Tim Cook, visionary?
(41:50) Disney kills Infinity
(45:13) PaaS, Pivotal and Cloud Foundry hype

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