Speaking in Tech

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela but this week, Eddie is driving the ship live from Cloud Connect Chicago while Greg and Sarah take the week off. Our special guests this week are Mark Thiele - Executive Vice President of Datacenter Technologies, Margaret Dawson - Vice President of Product at Symform, James Duncan - Chief Technology Officer at Inktank and Gina Minks - Director of Training and Certification at Inktank.

This week we discuss...

  • VMware and the Openstack ecosystem
  • Open source cloud and the standards problem
  • CloudStack and OpenStack ahead of the enterprise
  • Cloud and the real world and real companies
  • VMware, lock-in and cloud strategy
  • Building the future on legacy IT
  • Cloud and the people problem 
  • Big data and centralization vs decentralization
  • IT and competitive advantages
  • The falacy of "best practices"

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