Speaking in Tech

This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by special guest Rick Fox, VP of Agency Associations and Networks at Vertafore (@Vertafore). Together they talk insurance tech, Xerox’s potential acquisition of HP, Uber Eats running Ads while Uber ignores jaywalking as a thing, Ring’s vulnerability and more.

00:00 – Aston Villa disappoints the kids 
04:30 – The minnow swallowing the bass 
10:30 – Ads: It’s what’s for dinner 
16:10 - Uberbad design 
22:50 – Autonomous minions 
28:30 – Ring shares your wifi password with the neighbors 
33:30 – Gov’ment Cookies 
36:30 – What is Insurance Tech anyway? 
44:00 – AI: your new actuary 
47:30 – Social Media based insurance rates?

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