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This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) discuss a record breaking Cyber Monday, the latest on Xerox's attempted takover of HP, leadership changes at Google, AWS's moves into Quantum computing, KPMG getting into Microsoft 365, US Department of Homeland Security increasing the reach of their facial recognition technology, Sprint's cybersecurity woes and more!

00:00 Peter has a job... finally
02:12 Christmas shopping tales
03:30 Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday
12:29 HP slaps Xerox
15:58 Google finally moves out of the garage
21:57 AWS is on a quantum journey
25:33 KPMG goes all in on Microsoft 365
28:07 DHS saves face
34:13 Sprint gets a bucketload of problems
38:01 Japan comes to Melissa
40:06 Peter goes to Berlin

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