Speaking in Tech

This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by Dr. Matthias Farwick, CEO and Co-founder of Txture and Thomas Trojer, CTO and Co-founder of Txture. Together, they talk about Tik Tok’s fate, Snowflake’s IPO, Uber backs out of China a bit, Alicloud’s next move, Txture (https://txture.io/en) and more!

00:00 – Life in the Clouds
04:20 – Trump reviews TikTok bid
09:30 – IPSnow
13:00 – Uber’s latest sale
15:50 – Yet another new Cloud Operating System
21:30 – Belarus drying out
25:30 – Ransomware death
31:00 – Lex takes on real English
34:30 – Massive cloud migrations with Txture

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