Speaking in Tech

Speaking in Tech #132 - It's Complicated

  • Where is Greg? ­Seems to have gone off to Barcelona forgetting that VMworld was last week (0:45)
  • Greg not allowed to go to Mars, he’s too fat (2:23)
  • Coding: WOW! ­(6:40)
  • Dr Who? No thanks.(17:00)
  • New iPads a ripoff, sales of iPads in general not hot. (17:40)
  • Apple Pay, Yosemite and SMS (20:45)
  • Sapphire no gem: Apple’s Sapphire partner GT Advanced Technologies files for bankruptcy (27:40)
  • Blackberry takeover by Lenovo? ­(31:17)
  • EMC buying out Cisco’s stake in VCE (36:40)
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