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Speaking in Tech #165 - Packet Passionate 

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, the crew talk about the Open Container Project, Google get censored and Taylor Swift. Our special guest this week is Jim Mcniel, former VC and CMO of NetScout.

Here are the details:

(1:00) Eddie goes duck boating

(4:55) Open Container Project is not a drinking game

(9:00) Container acquisition game

(9:20) BlueBox Jesse buys a pad

(12:30) Google gagged on Wikileaks

(22:12) Taylor Swift takes a bite out of Apple

(28:24) FLASHBACK: Tecmo Bowl

(30:10) Introducing Jim Mcniel, former VC and CMO of NetScout

(32:08) NetScout suing Gartner over Magic Quadrant 

(36:10) Big acquisitions for NetScout

(43:35) Invisible girlfriend

(44:20) "Connected World" movie with Werner Herzog

(49:50) Guardians of the Connected World

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