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Speaking in Tech #182 - Live from Dell World 2015!

This week Greg is flying across the globe and Ed goes absent so Sarah is joined by special guest co-hosts Julia Weatherby and Amy Lewis with special guest from Down Under, Justin Warren of PivotNine to discuss IBM, nerd fights, outsourcing and changes at Dell.

Here are the details:

(1:00) Who is Eddie?
(3:30) IBM revs on the slide
(8:08) Digital divide: Hawking vs Andreessen
(15:48) The outsourcing economy
(21:42) Flashback: Dude, it’s a Dell
(22:24) Justin Warren jumps back in for bbq
(25:40) Sharing sausage
(26:43) Dell launches Data Center Scalable Solutions
(30:09) Cloud winning, utility data, derivatives and disaster
(34:40) Dell’s strategy going forward
(46:15) Who want to live in the valley?

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