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Speaking in Tech #183 - Pubcast Down Under

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Greg is live in Gold Coast Australia with an all star panel to talk more about Dell, data retention, cloud washing and Virtuestream. Our special guests are Sam Johnston, CTO, CSC ANZ; Ben Di Qual, Azure Global Blackbelt, Microsoft; Matthew Zwolenski, CTO, EMC Australia & NZ; Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor, The Register; Andrew Birmingham, Publisher, Which50 and Andrew McGee, HDS ANZ CTO.

Here are the details…

(1:00) Pubcast Down Under
(1:30) Dude, it’s Dell
(4:15) The Walking Dead in tech
(5:40) OpenStack trending
(8:50) Panel rundown
(10:13) Australian data detention laws kick in
(20:40) Cloud: Public vs Private vs Hybrid
(33:52) Nesting Virtustream
(39:45) State of tech in Australia

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