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Speaking in Tech #18 - VMware is building the Death Star

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Our special guest this week is Dave Graham of Juniper Networks.

The "Stack Wars" are on and VMware is getting close to finishing the Death Star:

VMware doesn't clarify CloudFoundry spinoff rumors

  • Potential spinoff could come with risks

EMC and VMware in big executive shuffle

  • Gelsinger to VMware and the cross polination of VMware and EMC
  • Are incremental enhancements in vSphere going to be enough?

VMware buys Nicira

  • Cisco can't be happy
  • Does Cisco make it's own acquisitions now?
  • Open standards based vs proprietary standards
  • Software defined networking (SDN) will come to the enterprise
  • Cisco and HP could be making moves, Dell is leapfrogging through acquisitions quickly
  • VMware's pricing strategy might undermine their vision

Quick review of the Nexus 7

  • Google Now is absolutely awesome
  • Nexus 7 is not behaving well right now
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Sarah and Eddie are out this week so we are joined by Christina Weil, District Director at Centre Technologies

  • Catching up with Christina and New Orleans

Yahoo shocks everyone, lands Google’s Marissa Mayer as CEO

  • Mayer brings strong product experience
  • One of the most visible personalities at Google
  • Yahoo all of a sudden becomes interesting

GigaOm: EMC and VMware to spin off CloudFoundry?

  • Does VMware and EMC have to spin off CloudFoundry to be competitive with with Google, Amazon and Microsoft?
  • A new identity for cloud computing?
  • Greenplum could be part of spin-off

Dell Acquires Quest

  • Greenplum and Quest overlap and compete directly against eachother

Post-Katrina disaster recovery in New Orleans

  • The IT culture has changed - and so have the data centers in New Orleans

Google Nexus 7 Arriving

  • In the voice game, Google Now beats Apple Siri
  • Siri doesn’t know the Cajun names
  • Tablet is probably not the most practical for voice recognition
  • Christina gives up her iPad
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Speaking in Tech #16 - The Death of Social Media

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. 

Greg loses faith in social media

  • The Big Twitter Purge
  • The gang play “Which Twitter creeper has a real job” game
  • Greg and Marc Farley experiment with Google hangouts
  • Public Google hangouts are a nightmare. 
  • Out of 44 people who jumped in (and most getting bounced out), we found one networking geek in the Czech Republic so we decided to start over and we had a good convo about the Mini iPad vs Nexus 7

7 inch Tablet Wars: Apple vs. Google vs Amazon

  • Enterprise BYOD will be all about 7in, wifi tablets in a year
  • WiFi only will be a security problem
  • 7 inch is a better form factor
  • Android security is getting better
  • Is tere really a BYOD problem?
  • Tablets in business meetings
  • Real world BYOD problems

Cisco routers managed by the cloud... and really bad corporate lawyers writing horrible terms of service

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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. 

Our special guest this week is George Reese, CTO and cofounder of enStratus. enStratus is a cloud infrastructure management solution for deploying and managing enterprise-class applications in public, private and hybrid clouds. enStratus is focused on the consumption of one or more cloud services from a single, consistent management platform.

Amazon Outage Hits Netflix, Heroku, Pinterest, Instagram

We all know the story by now: Bad weather knocked out power to Amazon’s EC2 services in Virginia and before you know it, Netflix subscribers were deprived of “Bad Girls from Mars” and Californians were deprived of posting their last foie gras pictures on Instagram. 

  • But is this really about Amazon or good application "hygiene"?
  • Build for failure - If this can happen to Netflix, it can happen to anyone. With what we have learned about this outage, what could Netflix have done differently
  • Interoperability - Is this on the Infrastructure provider or on the application owner?
  • Leap-second issue was a bigger deal than Amazon outage

Burning down the house: “The Hole in VMware's Whole Cloud Strategy”

George’s blog post:  - http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2012/06/hole-in-vmware-whole-cloud-strategy.html

“The move of Google and Microsoft into the IaaS space may ultimately be a sign that PaaS isn't the grand future of cloud everyone has been predicting, but instead just a component of a cloud infrastructure—perhaps even a niche component. If the world isn't ready for PaaS, then VMware has a huge hole in its cloud strategy because vCloud just won't cut it for cloud-scale infrastructure.”

  • VMware, Apple, Google, and Oracle cloud startegies all get run over by George
  • Does VMware's acquisition of DynamicOps change the game?
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