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This week Peter and Melissa get together to discuss Mirantis taking on Docker Enterprise, Google getting into banking, Political attacks going cyber, politicians endorsing the opposition, Instagram’s new no-like test and more.

00:00 – Husky
02:00 – Kubernetes, more than 3 times fast
06:00 – Docker pulls an enterprise tea party
10:00 – Google Checking
15:00 – Labor keeps plugging through cyber attack
17:15 – Fake AI Friends
20:00 – Insta-nope

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This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by special guest Rick Fox, VP of Agency Associations and Networks at Vertafore (@Vertafore). Together they talk insurance tech, Xerox’s potential acquisition of HP, Uber Eats running Ads while Uber ignores jaywalking as a thing, Ring’s vulnerability and more.

00:00 – Aston Villa disappoints the kids 
04:30 – The minnow swallowing the bass 
10:30 – Ads: It’s what’s for dinner 
16:10 - Uberbad design 
22:50 – Autonomous minions 
28:30 – Ring shares your wifi password with the neighbors 
33:30 – Gov’ment Cookies 
36:30 – What is Insurance Tech anyway? 
44:00 – AI: your new actuary 
47:30 – Social Media based insurance rates?

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This week, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) is joined by Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher), editor-at-large at TechCrunch (@TechCrunch). The pair discuss the Pentagon's $10bn cloud computing contract, WhatsApp suing NSO, a new Slack competitor, Twitter dumping paid-for political ads, the unintended consequences of Facebook allowing politicians to lie and of course the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin event.

00:00 Intros
02:02 Microsoft's the JEDI master
07:02 NSOh-no
11:26 Slack overload? Take a Quill pill
15:44 Twitter won't take your money... if you're a politician
21:00 Zuck is hoist with his own petard
26:09 Ich bin ein Berliner!

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin: https://smlb.in/2PFjF9U


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This week, Melissa and Peter discuss Libra's troubles, seeing through walls with Wi-Fi, Apple's u-turn over Hong Kong, Dyson's ditching of its electric car, Nobel prizes for batteries and more! 

00:00 - Colds, conferences and certifications 
08:10 - PayPal's a Libra leaver 
12:03 - BoE's a Libra legislator 
16:55 - Walls have eyes 
20:55 - App tha Police 
26:20 - Dyson pulls the plug on its electric car 
30:29 - Prizes all round 
33:12 - What next week holds

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This week Peter and Melissa sync up to discuss Ransomware in New Bedford, Uber Layoffs, McDonald’s new AI related acquisition, Robot grocery store use cases, loot box legislation and more!

00:00 – Slinging Rockets
05:00 – Riding out the Hack
09:15 – Uber takes a dump
13:15 – The robot army comes for your kids
21:00 – Robo-finders
24:45 – Lucky Dips

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This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) discuss facial recognition in court, YouTube targeting kids, VMware's latest moves, Microsoft's acquisition of Movere, the latest AWS outage, falling server sales, a $14,000 gaming chair and more!

00:00 HashiConf is a-comin' to your town
02:27 All your face are belong to us
08:54 YouTube gets fined $170m... by a COPPA
15:43 VMware gets into Carbon Black and Kubernetes
19:13 You say 'Moov-eer' and I say 'Moov-air-eh'
23:00 AWS gives its services the day off for Labor Day
24:10 Servers are sooo last quarter
27:03 Who gets the electric chair?
29:58 What's on next week


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This week Peter and Melissa discuss Microsoft's new Skype and Cortana policy, VMware's potential acquisition, another major security breech, Politicians killing facial recognition and more. 

00:00 - Changes
02:15 - Human overlords for AI
09:15 - Your biometrics - pwned
17:00 - Politician profiling
21:15 - The snake eats itself
28:00 - These clicks are jacked!

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This week Peter and Melissa discuss Lyft's stock volatility, Instagram's latest scandal, VMware's cloud announcement, patents for AI and more!

00:00 - Trying new things
05:00 - Lyft off... and on
07:30 - Spygram
13:35 - VMwhere?
21:55 - The new humungous app load
25:50 - AI invents <your mom>
31:20 - Bye Felicia... er… MSDN
34:00 - Slack takes out some slack

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This week, Josh and Peter discuss GMail's anniversary, VMWare's latest vulnerability, Apple's announcements. Lyft's IPO and Mark Zuckerberg's government call to action.

00:00 - It's April, and we are the only fools
02:35 - GMail gets a learner's permit
07:05 - VMWare's vulnerable
10:20 - Apple's a-YAWN-ments
19:10 - Death by $10 cuts
21:40 - Heavy Lyfting
25:00 - Zuckerberg: The next 2-face
33:05 - Brexin


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This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Tesla’s change in sales strategy, the Dragon Launch, a new solar farm concept in China, Lyft’s IPOs, a Brexit update, and RSA conf’s diversity struggles.

00:00 – Wifi Messssss(h) 
06:00 – Tesla’s moving out 
14:20 – Launching Dummies 
17:20 – Space Pandas 
22:40 – IP-Uh-oh time to pay rent 
27:20 – Someone’s getting rich 
32:51 – Melissa’s worst nightmare, LIVE 
45:00 – Josh’s dream

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This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by Brynne Kennedy, @BrynneSpeak, Founder and CEO of Topia. Together, they discuss Facebook’s latest challenge, Foxconn’s withdrawal from Wisconsin, supply chain challenges, Oracle’s latest suit, another data breach and more!

00:00 - Loser’s dinner w/ Chelsea
03:30 - Rooting: for the kids
07:30 – Protect Ya Neck (next time)
10:17 - What I (don’t) got
14:13 - Suing in the name of
17:30 - Widespread Nervousness
20:30 - Road Trippin All Star
26:00 - Wishlist
31:00 - 20th Century Digital Boy
39:00 – Time to Regulate

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This week, Josh, Peter and Melissa get together to discuss parrots that order dinner for themselves, Tesla's new board members, the top 10 venture rounds of 2018, Old prediction stats, new predictions and more!

00:00 - Sacrifical Lambs
07:00 - Pinky and the Brain + Alexa
09:27 - Musk v Ellison Celebrity Death Match
11:00 - Epic FUNding
22:00 - Fitness as a Service
24:00 - Last year's prediction winners and losers
37:00 - This year's gems

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