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This week, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) is joined by Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher), editor-at-large at TechCrunch (@TechCrunch). The pair discuss the Pentagon's $10bn cloud computing contract, WhatsApp suing NSO, a new Slack competitor, Twitter dumping paid-for political ads, the unintended consequences of Facebook allowing politicians to lie and of course the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin event.

00:00 Intros
02:02 Microsoft's the JEDI master
07:02 NSOh-no
11:26 Slack overload? Take a Quill pill
15:44 Twitter won't take your money... if you're a politician
21:00 Zuck is hoist with his own petard
26:09 Ich bin ein Berliner!

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin: https://smlb.in/2PFjF9U


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