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This week, Peter and Melissa join forces to talk about British Airway’s fine restructuring, QQAAZZ arrests, Tesla’s autopilot bug, Datto’s IPO, Oracle’s play to keep your database forever and more.

00:00 – The Tooth is Out There
04:00 – BA carrying a lighter load in fines
09:00 – Money Laundering as a Service goes down
12:00 – “Making it look like an accident” as a Service
16:30 – Datto looks to IPO
20:00 – Oracle is your obessive ex, but for your Databases
27:00 – What’s next?

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On this week's Speaking in Tech, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) talk about the US Senate subpoena of Twitter's, Facebook's and Google's CEOs; Facebook banning ads that delegitimise election outcomes; Snapchat's role in voter participation; Google's mental health concerns with photo filters on Pixel phones; GCHQ discovering a 'nationally significant' vulnerability in Huawei equipment; how the NHS in England is promoting their contact tracing app with Deloitte and Salesforce also trying to get in on the act; whether deleting WhatsApp counts as destroying evidence; Cazoo's new mega-valuation; Google turning off FTP in Chrome; and more!

00:00 The tooth hurts
02:10 School days, snow days
05:25 Are your communications decent?
10:27 Is your election legit? Facebook thinks so
15:24 Snapchat rocks the vote
18:56 Google bans photo filters on the Pixel - or do they?
23:37 Another bad news day for Huawei
28:01 The NHS emails... well, kinda everyone
33:46 Deloitte and Salesforce are selling - are you buying?
35:48 Beat the rap with WhatsApp
40:10 Caz000,000,000
43:52 FTP: Forget That Protocol
46:56 What's in store next week


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