Speaking in Tech
 In this week's episode, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) are joined by Ken Grohe, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Weka (weka.io). The trio talk about James Corden's star turn at a Salesforce bash; AWS's entry into the rent-a-Mac market; Google Street View opening up to self-submitted photos; payments app PhonePe snagging a $700m investment; some new fashion choices for Christmas (all in a good cause); Weka's parallel file system; and more!  00:00 (Not so) lockdown 01:45 Introducing Ken 03:36 James Corden: Salesforce guru 07:07 Wanna cloudy Mac? That'll be nine grand 12:13 New to Google Street View: you 18:09 PhonePe's had worse weeks 20:43 Windows: software or knitwear?  23:44 What's Weka? 41:20 Next week's treats  @speakingintech 
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