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This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) talk about YouTube’s $100m to support Black contributors and users; Google’s countersuit against Sonos; Facebook’s misstep on Workplace; Twitter’s takedown of accounts supporting the Chinese government; Microsoft, IBM and Amazon on facial recognition technology; Kahoot’s success; an investigation into Facebook’s acquisition of Giphy; and more!

00:00 Seattle vs England
03:09 YouTube gets generous
08:17 Google vs Sonos: like The War of the Roses except no Danny DeVito
12:59 Facebook Workplace won’t be unionising anytime soon
16:53 How many Twitter accounts does China need anyway
20:57 Facial freedom?
25:59 Kahoot’s a unicorn
29:27 UK to Facebook: Giphy might be iffy
33:20 Conferences and customers

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This week Peter and Melissa get together to discuss Amazon hiring, Google's pending search changes, a few lawsuits, Apple's latest acquisition and more.

00:00 – Restrictions and Resumptions
04:00 – Amazon FT hiring boom
06:30 – Google quietly judges your search for UX
12:00 – Google faces a suit from Arizona
15:00 – Apple messes with the wrong accountant
17:00 – Apple acquires more ML for Siri
22:30 – 6Eating your WiFi
26:00 – Autonomous drug delivery kicks off
30:00 – Birthday!

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