Speaking in Tech
 This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) talk about Microsoft's potential acquisition of TikTok; Donald Trump's efforts to ban it in the US; TikTok opening a data centre in Ireland; the end of Google Play Music (Pete: sob!); a great set of results for Western Digital; Uber's acquisition of UK-based firm Autocab; GDPR transgressors in the UK getting their fines reduced; penetration testers getting arrested for doing a penetration test; and more!  00:00 Zeppelins, conferences and and camping 03:42 TikTok has an admirer 05:41 Trump's Chinese takeaway 10:24 The Emerald Isle has a new tech guest 13:03 Google Play Music's last stand 17:56 Hard drives, hard cash 20:50 Uber catches an Autocab 23:46 GDPR fines? ICOh-no 27:34 Pen testers caught in a court led to court 32:28 Next week's treats  @speakingintech 
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