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This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by special guest, Ron Rock (@rrockrr) with @Microshareio . Together, they discuss Dell's multi-million dollar laptop error, Virtual Veteranarians, the LAPD's facial recognition blunder and more.

00:00 - Welcome Ron!
03:30 - Dell's millionaire mint
05:15 - VMWare gets original
09:15 - Virtual Vets
12:30 - LAPD gets naughty with your face
16:30 - Microshare IOT & data ownership
18:30 - Needs-based business model adaptation
24:00 - Clean = Safe
30:00 - Blending old and new to change the world
36:00 - Social Mapping Score

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 On this week's Speaking in Tech, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@PeterSmallbone) talk about some proposed redundances at IBM; HP Inc sunsetting 'free ink for life'; new limits on storage in Google Photos; robots changing hard drives in Alibaba's data centres; China's president reportedly blocking a tech IPO; WeChat's owner Tencent reporting a bumper set of figures; PayPal getting further into the cryptocurrency game; the rise of the Parler social media platform; and more!  00:00 Lockdown is back (did it ever really go away?) 02:49 Some IBMers may be facing a blue Christmas 08:11 HP Inc sinks the free ink 12:39 Photos in Google are about to lose their gloss 22:54 We. Are. The. Robots. 25:50 China's president no-gos an IPO 30:03 Tencent's making a lot more than ten cents 31:57 PayPal goes crypto 35:59 Step into my Parler 42:41 Birthdays and conferences  @speakingintech 
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