Speaking in Tech

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen and Ed Saipetch while Sarah Vela is taking a break this week. Live from VMworld, we crash HP's customer appreciation recpetion. Our special guests Brady Wilson, CTO Opus Interactive, Shahin Pirooz, CTO CenterBeam, Bethany Mayer, Sr VP & GM HP Networking, David Scott, Sr. VP HP Storage and Stephen Dewitt, VP Marketing, Enterprise Group

  • -VMworld recap
  • -Opus Interactive overview
  • -CenterBeam overview
  • -End-user utlization of Software Defined Networking
  • -The promise of Software Defined Networking
  • -HP and open standards
  • -David Scott reflects on HP storage's growth
  • -Vendor innovation vs acquistion
  • -the Software Defined Data Center
  • -Evolving It business models and utility billing
  • -VMware's independance

Disclosure Statement: Speaking in Tech is independent and does not receive financial support directly or indirectly from vendors or guests and vendor relationships are clearly disclosed on the podcast. Hosts of the podcast do occasionally accept opportunities from vendors to cover special events and vendor announcements where travel, lodging  and meals are typically covered and  is clearly disclosed on the podcast. For this podcast, HP provided transportation, lodging and admission to VMworld.

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Speaking in Tech #22

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Our special guest this week is Special guest Vaughn Stewart, Director, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Evangelist at NetApp

  • Sarah... back from vacation
  • Ed and Greg will be podcasting at VMworld
  • vmOVERground at VMworld (11pm PST Sunday night at Dave’s near Moscone in San Francisco)
  • Sarah’s voice of conscious
  • Special guest Vaughn Stewart, Director of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Evangelist at NetApp
  • Expectations for VMworld 
  • vOdgeball odds for NetApp this year
  • NetApp’s plans for VMworld
  • NetApp releasing VSA
  • Vaughn recounts meeting Ed at VMworld 2008
  • Rumor: VMware killing vRam entitlements licensing
  • Ten Big Questions for Vaughn Stewart
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Speaking in Tech #21 - Cloud backup

Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Our special guest this week is Stephen Spellicy, Director - Enterprise Data Protection, HP Information Management. 

  • Sarah is out but Eddie is in!
  • Ed recaps vCoffee with VMware’s John Troyer in Indianapolis with vNerds
  • Greg whines about people who bring infants on planes
  • Catching up with Stephen Spellicy... from Virtensys to HP
  • Autonomy’s internal transition within HP
  • The market for cloud-based backup
  • The economics of cloud-based backup
  • OpenStack noise grows as Red Hat gets in the game
  • “VMoverground” party is coming to VMworld

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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This is part two with our special guest Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President, Global SE at EMC.

  • VMworld 2012 Preview
  • Chad is going to be a little busy, again, for VMworld
    • Ask-the-expert vBlogger session
    • vOdgeball to benefit Wounded Warrior Project
    • VMunderground
    • Paul Maritz keynote
    • Vaughn & Chad Storage Best Practices
    • Geekfest - who do Ed and I have to bribe to get in?
    • Gelsinger Keynote 
    • Chad’s “IT Transformation” session
  • One thing I noticed, we are going to hear more about XtremeIO
    • Chad - Give us a cliff notes version of what we might see
  • Hands on Labs
    • We will we see, what can we crash?


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Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. Our special guest this week is Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President, Global SE at EMC

  • Catching up with Chad
    • New promotion, new responsibilities
  • Oracle buys Xsigo
    • Oracle PR spins it as Software Defined Networking
    • “Sorry Oracle, Xsigo IS NOT Software Defined Networking” 
    • Looks like a reaction to VMware buying Nicira
      • VMware’s boldest move yet
      • This is the advent of virtual networking... with virtual servers combined with vSphere’s storage virtualization... VMware is building the virtual stack
      • How does the landscape change now for VMware, EMC and their competitors?
      • Enterprise deployment of SDN’s
      • How does EMC and VMware keep the VMware lovefest going?
  • Big changes at EMC and VMware
    • EMC’s President Pat Gelsinger is now the CEO of VMware, Paul Maritz is Vice Chairman at EMC
      • How does Pat manage VMware’s ecosystem partners having come directly from EMC?
    • What’s next for CloudFoundry?

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