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In the second of a very special two-part episode, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) reports on the world of tech startups at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019. Please note this is a live event recoring and audio quality will be affected by that.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 Innovative apps for NASA and others with Charlie Regis (@CharlieRegis), Co-Founder, Styliff Tech (@stylifftech / https://styliff.com)
00:06:19 Wearable technology to prevent industrial injuries with Matthew Hart, Founder, Soter Analytics (@SoterAnalytics / https://www.soteranalytics.com)
00:15:57 Software development for cloud computing, mobile apps, IoT and BLE with Grzegorz Kapusta (@gkapusta), CEO and Piotr Herstowski, Business Development Lead, Polidea (@polidea / https://www.polidea.com)
00:22:33 Data labelling for AI with Lars Wulfken (@wulfskin), VP Product, Canotic (@canoticai / https://canotic.com)
00:33:01 Hyperlocal video streaming with Christian Walther, Director Product, Joyn (@JoynDeutschland / https://www.joyn.de)
00:36:51 Automated cloud security with Manuela Ticudean, Co-Founder, Cyscale (@cyscale / https://www.cyscale.com)
00:42:14 Financial wellbeing with Alexander Brouwer (@alexanderbrwr), Founder and CEO and Veronica Fresneau (@verofresneau), Head of Marketing and Communications, Vive (@Vive_App / https://www.viveapp.com)
00:49:18 Winners of Startup Battlefield announced!


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In the first of a very special two-part episode, Peter Smallbone (@petersmallbone) reports on the world of tech startups at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019. Due to the nature of live recordings, this recording will have background noise.

00:00:00 This might be a very short podcast…
00:01:16 A brain/computer interface with Daniëlle Tump, Software Developer and Product Manager, MindAffect (@mindaffect_bci / https://www.mindaffect.nl)
00:08:41 Social media for entrepreneurial minded students with Ronan Liedmeier, Co-founder, Studentup inc (@studentupinc / https://studentup.com)
00:17:03 ‘Doubling the performance of display ads’ with Mahesh Murthy (@maheshmurthy), Founder, Rad Ad (@raddotad / https://www.rad.ad)
00:25:39 Extended reality for videogaming with Alberto Saldaña (@ASaldaNave), CEO and Edu Saldaña (@EduS_N), Exec Creative Director, Sons of a Bit (@SonsofaBit_Ent / https://sonsofabit.com)
00:32:37 Girls shaping the future with tech with Dora Palfi (@dorapalfi), Co-founder and CEO, imagiLabs (@imagilabs / https://imagilabs.typeform.com/to/lJRbFM)
00:36:06 ‘The world's most secure messenger’ with Paul Jung, CEO, Seal Communication (@sealmessenger)
00:39:16 K-Dance for K-Pop with Manhyung Han (@Manhyung), CEO and Founder, Kinetic Lab
00:43:34 Powering the smart home revolution with Vladimir Cillik, Chief Business Development Officer, Domotron (@DomotronHome / https://domotron.com)
00:47:21 ‘Instant ROI’ platform for e-commerce with Maciej Serafin, CMO, edrone (@edrone_me / https://edrone.me)

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This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) discuss a record breaking Cyber Monday, the latest on Xerox's attempted takover of HP, leadership changes at Google, AWS's moves into Quantum computing, KPMG getting into Microsoft 365, US Department of Homeland Security increasing the reach of their facial recognition technology, Sprint's cybersecurity woes and more!

00:00 Peter has a job... finally
02:12 Christmas shopping tales
03:30 Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday
12:29 HP slaps Xerox
15:58 Google finally moves out of the garage
21:57 AWS is on a quantum journey
25:33 KPMG goes all in on Microsoft 365
28:07 DHS saves face
34:13 Sprint gets a bucketload of problems
38:01 Japan comes to Melissa
40:06 Peter goes to Berlin

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