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The week's tech news stories are dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, although Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) do manage to find some other stories out there too. The pair talk about Everlywell's new coronavirus test that you can do at home; Elon Musk's offer to make ventilators; Microsoft's success with Teams; NASA's misstep on cloud egress charges; IBM mainframe and Chinese server sales on the up; ransomware crooks not targetting healthcare; the iPad Pro getting tooled up much like a Surface Pro; and more!

00:00 If it hadn't already got real, it just did
07:02 Everlywell lets you do it at home
10:02 Elon vents... in a good way
13:37 Microsoft's a Teams player
21:12 NASA realises that what goes up must come down
24:13 Life is great - if you're IBM or a Chinese server maker
27:18 Ransomware loves healthcare
30:23 Battle of the Pros
34:17 What we're doing next week (no surprises...)

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This week, Peter and Melissa get together to talk about Waymo's latest funding round, Atrium's shut down, Let's Encrypt's bug fix, Honeywell's quantum computing play, SETI's pause on new data and more!

00:00 – Peter has nearly caught them all
05:00 – Conferences got it
08:00 – Waymo is too busy getting paid
13:30 – Atrium kicks it
19:25 – Let’s Encrypt catches a bug
22:00 – Honeywell’s new cure-all
27:30 – SETI calling in

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